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Berkeley Addiction Treatment Services, Inc.

Clinic Hours: (Counseling, Administrative Matters, Medical Section)
Monday – Friday            5:15AM-12:45PM                  
Saturday-Sunday:          5:30AM-9:00AM
Holidays:                         7:00AM-9:00AM

Dispensing Window (Maintenance Clients): (Medication ONLY)
Monday-Friday:              5:30 AM- 11:45AM
Saturday-Sunday:          5:30AM- 9:00AM
Holidays                          7:00AM- 9:00 AM

Dispensing Window (Detox Clients): (Medication ONLY)

Detox patients have limited dispensing hours. Please make a note of it.
Monday – Friday:              9:30AM-10:30AM                  
Saturday-Sunday:             5:30AM-9:00AM
Holidays:                            7:00AM- 9:00AM